Enabling Auto-save on Sublime-Text IDE

While it may not seem like a big deal to keep pressing Ctrl+S its easier and time saving to enable auto-save in your IDE. For users of Sublime text the auto-save option is not included on the visual interface, you have to enable it manually on the settings code.

Now to enable auto-save follow these simple steps and you will be set.

  1. Open Sublime-text
  2. Once Sublime is open, on the top bar navigate to Preferences —> settings. A new window will be opened with two columns. On one column you will see Default-Settings on the other you will find User-settings.
  3. On the User-settings on the right edit them and add the following line
    { "save_on_focus_lost": true }
  4. Save the settings and exit. Now once you edit any file you can see at the bottom panel its auto-saved automatically.


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